Emotional intelligence goes beyond big data

When you have a face-to-face conversation, you subconsciously read and react to the expressions and emotions of whoever you’re speaking with. With emotional intelligence, you can read and react to human emotion at scale. Big data tells you who, what, when and where. Emotional intelligence helps you understand how and why, so that you can improve human experiences at an organizational level.

Real Human Analytics

Xonja’s emotional intelligence analytics create measurable data by analyzing consumers’ facial expressions in your facility. You can use this data to identify emotional trends in the customer experience, and make educated improvements to that experience.

Privacy and consumer rights

At Xonja, we value the individual. That’s why we’ve designed our emotional intelligence platform with privacy and consumer rights in mind. Our software collects and analyzes emotional data without human interference or operation, and does not identify individuals beyond their behavior patterns. These measures ensure that the personal information and identities of those being monitored are protected at all times.

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