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Application development

Application development

Since our inception in 2009, Xonja has been delivering application development and related IT services. We combine proven methodologies, business domain knowledge and technology expertise of 30+ skilled software professionals to deliver high quality solutions. Our clients are different, but they all share the need to have a software solution built to generate revenue streams, establish communication channels or streamline business operations.

Application development

Our application development services can help you create custom software solutions that meet both your business needs and your timeline. We can work with your development team to complete a project, or start from the requirements analysis stage and take responsibility for the entire development cycle, including ongoing maintenance.

Security and testing

Xonja provides functional testing, non-functional testing and test automation services, encompassing industry standards and best practices. Security at our company is taken very seriously. Effectively managing the IP assets of our clients is of primary importance in our business strategy.

Maintenance and support

Post production support and maintenance is an important part of application life-cycle. Existing applications require ongoing attention and technical updates, and it is usually necessary to make small upgrades and enhancements to the features. Xonja can help maintain your business-critical software applications and ensure that user requests are addressed efficiently and enhancements are planned and deployed per the required release schedule.


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  • Xonja offers full end-to-end solution with design and development
  • 24 h maintenance and support
  • Simple pricing
  • Reliable, secure, and fast turnarounds