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Web Portals

Web Portals

Make beautiful, professional web presence for your business with Xonja. We are the leading cloud-based web portal developer with hundreds of business users worldwide. Promote your business, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas. We know websites and we know all the secrets, tips, and tricks to help your website shine at scale.

Easy to use

We build web portals using our simple builder, which makes editing your website as easy as editing a Word document.

Secure and reliable

With 10 years web portals experience, we know the right way to securely implement your desired features.

Mobile friendly and responsive

We’ll identify all the different ways you want to present content. Your web portals will be working and scaling great on all devices.


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Valtteri Kujala
Account manager, CEO
tel. +358 40 740 9021
[email protected]

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Why it works?

  • Xonja offers full end-to-end solution with design and development
  • 24 h maintenance and support
  • Simple pricing
  • Reliable, secure, and fast platform